Whether you need a container for living accommodation, office space or for some specialist industrial purpose, we have the team to supply what you want. We can undertake any customised modifications you require - all general engineering and fabrication work is carried out at our facility: including mild steel, stainless and aluminium.


MOBI 12' MOBI 20' MOBI 'Modular Office Units
Each units can be assembled or dissembled in very little time due to our "knock-down" design.

Flagship Van

Our Living Quarters are an excellent option to provide emergency/disaster relief housing to people dislodged by natural disasters, wars, famine, extreme poverty or any other event.


Insulated Panel of ISO container

Restroom & Shower Container

This type of products is so common and widely requested by wide range of facilities. Our ready WC and shower containers are manufactured very quickly and presented to customers as practical and long life solutions. Precon WC and shower containers can contain required number of units of any of the following: western style toilet, Asian style toilet, basin, shower, toilet for people with special needs and urinal. WC and shower containers are usually requested by worker camps, parks, community centers, masjids, schools, hospitals, military structures, tourism facilities, sport facilities, exhibitions and conference areas. 

Chassis Service


We can provide all kinds of Chassis of containers for the trucking transportation services.